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Lions Cartoons, Photographs, and Photochops*

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This is a collection of cartoons and pictures of lions found on the Internet. Most are copyrighted, but displayed here under the fair-use provisions, with attribution given where known. If you own one of these toons, and strenuously object to it being displayed on this non-profit civic-service website, you may contact the Weblion, Owen Lorion, to have it removed (or at least get it properly credited).

This page is graphics-intensive, so it will probably take a while to load. The good news is, you can browse the 'toons at the top of the page while the bottom is still loading. And I'll add new ones to the top, so that you'll never have just old ones to look at while wondering if there are any new ones at the bottom or not.

* Photochops are photoshopped pictures, usually obviously composited, sometimes subtley retouched.

  1. Big Daddy swinging on a vine through the jungle, with inset of him handing bag to his wife.

    Raising Duncan

    Big Daddy thinking: In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight...
    Big Daddy: Your root beer, my love.
    Adelle: Oh! You swung by the store!
  2. Lions talking while looking at hunters on safari

    Out Of Bounds

    They're not bad with lots of ketchup and a good chardonnay
  3. Lion to companions who are eating a prey

    Mixed Media

    I'm not a strict vegetarian... I'll eat a wildebeast, gazelle or wild boar if it's free-range...
  4. Lion at speaker's podium, to other animals

    Mixed Media

    ...Hello, and welcome to my annual State of the Jungle speech...
  5. Lion tamer addressing circus audience, while two lions on pedestals converse.

    Mixed Media

    Tamer: ...I will now attempt to stick my head into the jaws of this ferocious beast!...
    Lion: ...The joke's on him - I had the garlic fries...
  6. Two lions in an enclosure talking.

    Mixed Media

    ...For the last time - we're not "zoo animals" - we're animals who happen to be in a zoo!...
  7. Lion with carton labeled 'ketchup', while some fan animals graze in the background, one looking worriedly at the lion holding up a bottle.

    Loose Parts

    The shipment finally came. The blandabeasts were now an option ... Oh, yes, they were now an option.
  8. Man on psychiatrist's couch talking to oblivious shrink, facing away from each other, so that neither can see the lion between them.

    Go Fish

    Patient: Sometimes when my stomach is growling, like now, I think it's really a lion, and I'm scared!
    Doctor Floyd: It's all in your mind, Mr. Ogden.
    Lion: Grrr...
  9. Splash Panel: lion menacing Walt in a jungle
 Panel 1: Walt sitting in living room with his caregiver
 Panel 2: shifted viewpoint, Walt cowering before lion
 Panel 3: lion stalking Walt
 Last Panel: Gertie looking frightened and Walt looking smug

    Gasoline Alley

    Walt: Gertie! Did I ever tell you about my encounter with a ferocious lion?
    Gertie: No, Mr. Walt! This I want to hear!
    Walt: I was all alone and was disarmed!
    Gertie: If that cat got you - you'd really be dis-armed!
    Walt: I froze in my tracks as the beast came right up to me! I could feel his hot, smelly breath! He let out a loud roar! I had to think fast!
    Gertie: Mr. Walt! What happened?
    Walt: I left and walked over to the monkey cage!
  10. lion in cage talking to cat

    Cats With Hands

    Say what you want about zoos... After twenty years in the jungle, I really enjoyed the comb-out
  11. Mouse siccing a lion on a cat

    Cats With Hands

    Mouse: THAT'S HIM!
    Finding out the hard way that "the mouse taking the thorn out of the lion's paw" story may not be a fairy tale after all
  12. Splash Panel: 'Cats With Hands In The Air' and cat on its back with legs extended up.
 Five other panels: cat and crowned lion walking through tall grass with scattering of tropical trees

    Cats With Hands

    Lion: "King of Beasts" is an old and stodgy title. I want to be called something new, something sporty... Something more befitting the wearer of the crown.
    Cat: How about "Marble Head"?
  13. Rear of truck with sign on it, and old lady talking to Broomhilda, who is looking up a tree, and hanging down is a tuffeted tail


    Sign: Granny Leona LION TAMER
    Granny: Can you help me? My cat's stuck up in that tree.
    Broomhilda: Uh-oh...
  14. Young woman talking to lion at a bar


    "I'm sorry. You seem like a nice guy. But my father was killed by a lion, and it would just be too weird."
  15. Two lions in the Veldt, one talking to the other who is chewing his nails


    Dude, given our line of work, I can't tell you how counterproductive that habit is.
  16. One lion looking sickly, the other standing behind a counter marked Prescriptions and handing him a bottle of pills

    Bound & Gagged

    Take one of these with a gazelle 3 times a day.
  17. Two lions, the speaker with his lips curled back

    A Twisted Mind

    Any gazelle in my teeth?
  18. First two panels, Lyle Lion is roaring,
 Last panel, he's ambling down a path in the jungle

    Animal Crackers

    ROAR! ROAR! That should hold me till next Monday!
  19. In circus tent, guy talking to man in top hat and tux, with one sleeve rolled up and a peg leg

    Not Quite Right

    "I hear you were a lion tamer for ten years, did you ever get bitten?
  20. Two gazelles talking, while three others watch from a distance. One of the pair is using a crutch and has a bandaged leg, and the speaker is looking fearfully at a crouching lion


    "Tell me, Carl, are you familiar with the expression, 'take one for the team'?"
  21. Two lions watch a third chasing a gazelle in front of a scoreboard

    In The Bleachers

    Scoreboard reads
    CARNIVORES 4,573
    HERBIVORES     0

  22. Two kids about 5 talking, the boy making notes on a clipboard

    Kim And Jason

    Kim: She said if I wanted to be a lion tamer, I can use a stuffed animal.
    Jason: And with that, the lion goes back on the Christmas list.
  23. Lion laying on ground, watching a gazelle running past

    Lucky Cow

    Arrow pointing to lion: Lion
    Arrow pointing to gazelle: Fast Food
    Lion thinking: cripes... do I have to get up?
    Caption: Lucky Cow Where you don't have to WORK for your fast food.
  24. Happy lion with bib on and stuffed belly walking away from cow skeleton, knife and fork in one hand, tossing the last bone away with the other, while several vultures glare at him

    Slylock Fox

    True or False
    1) After a hunt, lions eat the entire kill.
    2) Female lions catch the prey, but the males eat first.
    3) Wild lions must eat every day to survive.
    4) Female lions prefer males with big, dark manes.

    Answers -- (drag mouse from here to there to see them). HERE
    1) False. Lions rarely eat an entire kill. Hyenas and vultures finish the rest.
    2) True.
    3) False. A lion eats only twice a week.
    4) True.
  25. Lioness with book in bed, and angry lion at dresser, taking a dart out of a box labeled Tranquilizer Darts

    Reality Check

    Lioness: This is the fifth night in a row...I think you're starting to rely on those things, Darrel...
    Lion: Look... it helps me sleep. All right, Edna?
  26. all panels are the same except for speech bubbles. An ant and lion are standing on their hind legs, and the lion is bending over to speak with her.

    Partially Clips

    Lion:Queen Ant, I'm being courted by a lioness I don't fancy. Would you grant me a favor and marry me?
    Ant: What?
    Lion: Animal royalty is hard to find.
    Ant: I don't think I could give you an heir...
    Lion: Oh, no, we'd have it annulled, as soon as she's married off to the Prince of Whales [sic] or someone.
    Ant: Yikes! Will she give him an heir?
    Lion: You know, I believe she's stubborn enough to try.
    Ant: Me too, big boy. You don't know how much woman you're dealing with.
  27. Lion pouncing on a gazelle

    Stu's Views: LawToons

    Gazelle: I hope you realize this is an "overt act" under the law of attempt.
    Lion: I hope it's not just an attempt.
  28. One lion to others, as he's holding a referee's black & white striped shirt, with a football, whistle, and skull on the ground

    Reynolds Unwrapped

    This zebra was a bit too gamey.
  29. Gazelle with cell phone is pulling back tall grass, to talk to a lion hiding in it


    "Sorry, pal, Phil just called in sick ... Looks like you'll have to cull the weakest member of another herd."
  30. Mounted head of a lion is talking to the mounted heads of a tiger and bear on either side of him

    The Joke's On You

    "Ironically, I was run over by a PETA convoy."
  31. tawny colored lion is being awakened by brown lion with his mane in an Afro

    Frenetic Wanderings

    Brown lion: Yo, whatup, my brother?
  32. One zebra is standing like a human, admiring her stripes running from shoulder to tail. The other, on all fours and with normal zebra stripes, is speaking

    Half Baked

    Slimmer? Yes. But you also look like a lion's after dinner mint.
  33. two giraffes are facing each other, and a lion is bouncing on top of one from behind

    Frenetic Wanderings

    Look out, Myrna. Lion with a trampoline.
  34. herd of 4 zebra, with a human in the middle tossing some ball in the air, and two lions, one pointing to the human

    Half Baked

    I'm going straight for the juggler.
  35. antelope running away from grass where Tony the Tiger is between two lions, one of whom is talking to him angrily

    Mother Goose & Grimm

    Will you stop yelling that? You keep scaring away the antelope.
  36. lion tamer practicing putting his hear in placid lion's mouth, as elephant is walking by, looking closely, the lion's tail is draggling between the bars to where the elephant is about to step.


    [no caption or dialog]
  37. Roman arena, children leaning over the wall handing papers to gladiator who has laid down his sword and is signing autographs; on the other side, cats are handing papers over the wall, and the lion is autographing them


    [no caption or dialog]
  38. two lions standing between huge amplifiers; one is fiddling with a microphone

    It's A Jungle Out There!

    You'd better stand back now: This is going to be a mighty roar...
  39. on the open velt, a lion is seated behind a desk, reading some papers to a forlorn zebra sitting in front of him


    "I'm sorry to have to tell you this, Gordon, but your performance review was the weakest in the herd, so, we can either take care of business now, or you can stop by my office around lunchtime."
  40. two lions in easy chairs in a well-appointed room, lit by lanterns on the wall, and Daniel is looking admiringly at the decor

    Reverend Fun

    I love what you've done with the den
  41. Character in lion-tamers outfit with whip is shaking hands with a nervous-looking fellow as a woman introduces them; they are surrounded by comuters on circus pedestals


    Woman: Our systems manager has developed an interesting way of computer training.
    Computer screens: Roar : Grrr
  42. Lion talking to man with a plate of food, including a drumstick, in front of him

    The Joke's On You

    "I hope you're better at cooking chicken than you are at locking up lion cages!"
    (This picture also appears below, but with a different caption.)
  43. Panel 1: three nerds are cathered around a computer screen; Panel 2: nerds strutting with shaggy beards and hair (even the bald one) and two women are watching them

    Working Daze

    Panel 1: Hmmmm. It says here that lions use their manes to attract mates.
    Panel 2: Days Later
    1st woman: Any idea what's going on with them?
    2nd woman: I'm guessing we don't want to know.
  44. paper marked 'Handy!' being held by a lion, and a wildebeast grazing in the background


    start -> Edible?
    Yes No->ignore
    Bigger than you?
    Yes No->eat
    Yes No->try to eat
    Can you get some friends to help?
    Yes->eat No->run away
  45. Mother doing dishes and lion in doorway, carrying kid by the nape of his shirt

    Natural Selection

    Mom: Nooo... you can't keep him. you know I'm allergic to cats.
  46. Panel 1: Monty holding ice cream bar, looking at sign on lion's cage
 Panel 2: Monty turns toward uniformed man with broom behind him
 Panel 3: Monty turns back to point at sign, doesn't notice uniformed man taking a bite of the ice cream bar in his hand


    Sign: Please Do Not Feed Leon
    Monty: Um... did you realize one of your signs has a spelling error?...
    Monty: See... "Lion" is spelled with an "I" and not with...
    Nametag: Leon
  47. Two elderly lions are leaning against a tree, eating with spoons out of canisters

    Strange Breed

    Lion: "It's just not the same, Joe."
    Canisters: Creamed Antelope
  48. Lion on crag overlooking two rams racing to butt each other


  49. lion is reacing to embrace tri of sheep

    Shoe Cabbage

    In Bulgarian, "love" (Cryllic characters for LUV) is the word for a lion.
    "I hug because I love. Is that so wrong? --Mark Tatulli
    * Bulgarian is spoken mainly in Bulgaria in eastern Europe.
  50. Panel 1: Dee, in lion costume backstage, looks at switch marked 'Power on off'
 Panel 2: Blake, onstage, holds up picture of a lion
 Panels 3-5: blackout

    Little Dee

    Blake:And now for the educational part of the show, did you know that Botswanian lions, whom we don't particularly like because they hunt elephants and everybody loves elephants, take advantage of their good night vision and the cooler night air by hunting 95% of the time at night?
    clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap
  51. Panel 1: Ferd'nand as lion tamer in cage with lion as crowd watches
 Panel 2: lion crouches and growls
 Panel 3: roaring lion jumps at Ferd'nand as crowd flees in panic
 Panel 4: lion stands on Ferd'nand's chest purring and lovingly licking his face


    [no caption or dialog]
  52. Roman emperor with prominent laurel wreath sits watching arena where two smirking lions are looking at him as they talk


    Lion: Meat clogs the arteries. What do you say we visit the salad bar?
  53. Outside the Colosseum, man at hibachi next to chariot talking to lion tending a barbeque grill a few feet away, wearing shirt marked 'Go Lions!'

    Reality Check

    Things are about to get ugly at the tailgate party outside the Roman Colosseum:
    Man: Hey, Buddy... Christians rule! Lions bite!
  54. Panel 1: lion on pedestal, tamer holding hoop at his side
 Panel 2: lion grinning as tamer holds hoop directly in front of him


    Lion: ...a little to the right...
    Lion: Perfect.
  55. Ferocious lions stacked in a pyramid like cheerleaders as lion tamer talks aside to reporter

    Ralph's Basement

    I taught junior high for fifteen years
  56. lion at table in restaurant finishing up plate covered with bones, vulture at another table talking to waiter

    Reality Check

    Vulture: I'll have what he's having...
  57. Man at desk to lion in business suit sitting across from him


    "Aside from chewing people out and biting their heads off, what other management skills do you have?"
  58. two lions on circus pedestals in cage

    It's A Jungle Out There!

    I ate three cloves of garlic before the show: check the Tamer's expression when he puts his head in my mouth...
  59. lion, leopard, 2 tigers, panther, couger all sleeping around a couple circus pedestals, and Pete and Wink talking in the foreground

    Big Top

    Pete: We're gonna have to put a ban on the "three-antelope lunches."
  60. in eye doctor's office, hunchbacked Frankensteinian doctor is holding a bunch of fingers in front of a terrified patient

    Reynolds Unwrapped

    Doctor: Okay... how many fingers am I holding up?"
    (This picture is included because giving eye tests is a frequent activity of Lions Clubs)
  61. Panel 1: Ruthie is watching TV with the remote in her hand as brother Joe comes in
 Panel 2: TV screen, frightened warthog
 Panel 3: Ruthie clicks remote at the TV
 Panel 4: the two kids talking

    One Big Happy

    Joe: Ruthie, you're watching a show about lions?
    Ruthie: Yeah, but Grandma made me promise to switch it off when they say the bad word.
    TV: The fatigued wart hog finds himself cornered by the hungry mother lion. Sadly now, there can be but one outcome.
    Joe: "Outcome" is the bad word?
    Ruthie: It's never good.
  62. Two lions talking

    Flotsam & Jetsam

    So, Larry's out of the closet. Told me he's always been a vegetarian
  63. Lion talking to man with a plate of food in front of him

    The Joke's On You

    "You eat first, and then I'll have what you had."
  64. Roman arena, man in business suit with briefcase, and lion running from him in terror; in the bleachers, one toga-clad crowd member is speaking to his neighbor


    I thought throwing lawyers to the lions was going to be a lot more entertaining...
  65. in the distance, a herd of gazelles are running away, and one lion, arms akimbo, is talking to a second lion holding a ringing cell phone

    It's A Jungle Out There!

    How many times have I told you to turn off your mobile phone when we're hunting?!
  66. Lion waiter to two customers, one holding a menu labeled 'The Foodchain Cafe'


    "Perhaps I can interest you in one of this evening's specials? We have a simply delicious defenseless baby rhino, a succulent lame giraffe and, my personal favorite, the 'too slow to keep up with the herd' zebra."
  67. lion reading greeting card to other lions

    Reverend Fun

    It's from that Daniel guy ... He just wanted to thank us for a wonderful visit
  68. two lions, one with a suitcase and his mane in cornrows

    It's A Jungle Out There!

    "Let me guess, you went to Jamaica for your holidays."
  69. lioness addressing lion who is gnawing on a bone, with pith helmet, boot with a bite taken out of it, circus pedestal and hoop laying about


    Lioness: So where's the new trainer?
    Lion: I decided to go solo.
  70. living room, lion sitting on circus pedestal, lion tamer holding flaming hoop, and another animal (warthog?) sitting on sofa holding a beer


    Warthog: "Well, well ... Aren't you hoity-toity, Lou! Got your own personal tamer!"
  71. a lion on a crag, mane blowing majestically in the wind, talking into a cell phone


    "Why, I'm positively magnificent! And you?"
  1. photo of a lion
    National Geographic
    photo by Chris Johns 2004
    Photo of the Day 7/7/05
  2. Oval photo of a lamb laying down with a pride of lions lying down behind her, and handwritting across the top


    Hi Mom
    I have moved in with Leo and his family
    love L.

  3. photo of a kitten looking into a mirror and a lion looking out
    Dream Big
  4. Photo of lion cub with ears being blasted back by lionesses roar just off his nose tip
    I Hear You
  5. photo of a sign with a line drawing of a lion
    (Some letters on the sign are illegible)
    Caption: Dogs Not Allowed
    This Guadelope sign says that dogs aren't permitted--there's no mention of lions. Maybe the sign painter didn't speak French?

  6. Statue of a child reading a book while sitting on a lions's back
    This statue was the mascot for a public library, but I've forgotten where.
  7. Two lions in a zoo, the one in back taking a big bite of the other's rear end
    Bite Me!
  8. photo of man sleeping with a steak on his face, and a lion standing next to the bed
    How To Murder Your Husband.
  9. Photo of a cup of mocha with the cream poured on it in the shape of a lion's face
    Cup of Mocha, by barista "Bob"
  10. Lion with a bouffant hairdo, and tiny ad in the top-right corner
    Ad text reads:
    Timotei Natural Style
    (Timotei is a brand of shampoos in the UK and Sweden)
  11. Photo of a lion licking his chops
    "Why yes, yes this is a petting zoo."
  12. Photo of a lion running after a zebra riding a red & white motorcycle
    Best way to save your life
  13. Carving of a lion's head made from a nickel coin, the word LIBERTY still on the edge
    "Leo Persica"
    Hobo Nickel carved by Steve Adams
  14. Man pouring from bag of catfood, while cat looks up expectantly from the floor, and outside the glass patio doors are lions and other big cats
    Whiskas -- appealing to all cats
  15. Wood carving of a treetrunk into the shape of a lion
    Wood Carving seen in Elkheart, Indiana
  16. Highway sign illustrating an indecipherable interchange ahead, with a smaller sign below it, and a Lions Club sign in the background
    The smaller sign between the squiggles and the 45 MPH signs reads, "Good Luck."
    (Nothing to do with lions, I just snuck this one in because you can see a lions Club sign in the distant background.)
  17. Photo of a lion and cub standing upright, wearing tuxedos, at a garden party
    From Worth 1000 photo pun contest.
    this one is "Dandy Lions"
  18. photo of a 'Blue Sky Aviation' commuter airplane with 9 or 10 lions resting in the shade of its wing
    "I'm afraid our flight will be delayed a bit today, the locals object to the pilot moving the plane."
  19. Photo of a plush lion doll with its head chewed off, cotton stuffing strewn around, and a guilty-looking dog
    "Honest, I didn't do it!"
  20. extreme close-up photo of lion's face
    National Geographic
    photo by Chris Johns, 1998.
  21. photo of a lion in a glass enclosure cocking his head with a snarling face at a tourist
    "What are you looking at, huh, Buddy?"
  22. photo of two cute newborn lions
    Just cute cubs.
  23. black & white photo of a sleeping lion's face
    Lion Around
  24. Lion holding a paw over his eyes
    "99... 100... coming ready or not..."
  25. Photo of a sculpted brass lion's face
    Lion Sconce, one used to hold a wall torch.
  26. Sand sculpture of a lion
    Sand sculpture
  27. Photo of a herd of zebra, the closest one seen broadside, with his stripes forming a picture of a lion's face logo for Disney's Lion King
    Zebra marked with with black & white lions.
  28. Poster photo of a lion cub's face nestled between his mother's ears, and one paw covering one of her eyes.
    We Promote Family Values Here -
    Almost as Often as we Promote Family Members

    (demotivation poster from
  29. framed photo of a kitten looking into a mirror and a lion looking out
    What matters most is how you see yourself.
    (Yes, this picture appears more than once, but with different captions.)
  30. Photo of lion on stilts stalking a giraffe
    Big Game Hunter
  31. photo of kitten looking at magazine cover with a picture of an adult of his breed and the title Bengal Cats
    Tiki Heritage
    (Bengal cats are a domestic breed with the markings of the wild Asian Leopard Cat. Since they're supposed to look like wildcats, I figured I could sneak this picture in. I have no idea what tiki has to do with it, that was the name of the picture where I found it.)
  32. 3-D rendering of a lion chasing a tiny gnat
    Movie ad, text reads:

    The Gnat and The Lion

    4 min.
    Director/Producer: Burke Higgins, Tony Prohl
    The style of this film is computer animation drawn from the inspiration of stop motion puppetry while remaining loyal to the appeal of Saturday morning cartoons. The characters' dynamic personalities and quirky antics promise to place a comedic spin on a classic Aesop fable.
    Awards: Ole Muddy Film Festival - 2nd Place Animation,
    Zoie Film Festival - 2nd Place Animation
  33. An anthromorphic Lion, dressed in 19th century business attire, is throwing a fit at Gnat in peddlar's garb seen through the window.
    Drawing by Charles Bennett, dated 1857
    illustrating the fable "The Lion and the Gnat."
  34. right half is poem, left half is cartoon of a scruffy kid in an Little League uniform, big grin on his face,
 and behind him the outfield fence with posters on it for Lions Club and Rotary Club teams

    Late Nights & Pillow Fights

    (This one is included because the Santa Fe Lions Clubs sponsor a Little League team.)
    Opening Day
    The Star-Spangled Banner soon will be played
    At Little League fields 'cross the land.
    And I'll sing along with my cap o'er my heart
    And an oiled-up mitt on my hand.
    Then I'll run, with a smile, to my spot out in Right...
    My confidence obvious to all.
    Then I'll secretly pray that God will today
    Make certain I don't drop the ball.

Animated: The Lion Detective walks across the screen

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